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Episode 86: David James Roberts; Writer, Journalist, & Documentarian

May 12, 2020

Episode 86: David James Roberts; Writer, Journalist, & Documentarian


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

(Podcast run time 49 min.)


  • :50- Introduction to David
  • 2:10 - David shares about his journey to the Northwest
  • 3:24  - Vikki & David talk about the start of his book
  • 5:20  - David shares what he is reading
  • 6:55 - Vikki talks about her online course & services she’s developing 
  • 7:30 - David shares about his writing journey 
  • 11:07 - Vikki & David share about their dyslexia & overcoming it to be a writer 
  • 12:48 - David shares about his book, The Paper Man
  • 15:40 - David talks about how he discovered this story
  • 18:13 - Vikki asks questions about David’s approach to writing his book 
  • 23:15 - David shares about his publishing journey
  • 30:09 -  David talks about a writing support group
  • 31:30 -  Vikki & David talk about disconnecting from social media while writing
  • 33:58 -  David shares his inspiration to keep writing this book & upcoming events (prior to the COVID outbreak.) 
  • 37:10 - David reads from The Paper Man
  • 47:40 - Vikki ends the podcast with a question about an auto book. 


Please note, this podcast was recorded at the start of the COVID outbreak. Please visit David’s website for updates on his events.


Connect with David: 

David James Robert’s website:


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Blue Forge Press:


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