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Episode 78: Update with Jeremiah Franklin

January 6, 2020

Episode 78: Update with Jeremiah Franklin


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

(Podcast run time 20 min.)


  • :35 - Introduction to Jeremiah Franklin
  • 1:18 - Jeremiah shares about the first book in his trilogy.
  • 2:14 -  Jeremiah introduces his second book, Cult of the Crow
  • 2:32- Jeremiah gets listeners up to speed with what he has been doing  
  • 3:10 -Jeremiah shares about the American Library Association conference 
  • 5:19 - Jeremiah & Vikki talk about writing workshops for students
  • 7:25 - Vikki reveals her new project: Author’s Librarian 
  • 8:00 - Jeremiah shares what he has learned during the year
  • 9:54 -Jeremiah reads from Cult of the Crow 
  • 15:48 - Vikki & Jeremiah close the podcast talking about the blog post that Jeremiah will write for Squishpen Productions 
  • 17:37: Jeremiah shares what’s happening for him in 2020

Production Note: You can access Jeremiah’s first interview, Episode #34 here.  


Connect with Jeremiah Franklin:

Jeremiah’s website:


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American Library Association Conference:

Squishpen Productions Blog:


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