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Episode 74: Erick W. Metz; Ghostwriter & Supernatural Fiction Author

November 18, 2019

Episode 74: Erick W. Metz; Ghostwriter & Supernatural Fiction Author

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

(Podcast run time 53 min.)

  • :30 - Introduction to Erick Metz
  • 2:00 -  Erick shares what is on his reading list
  • 3:35 - Erick & Vikki talk about world creation and D&D
  • 4:40 - Erick talks about his genre 
  • 6:35- Erick shares about his writing journey 
  • 8:01 - Erick & Vikki talks about teaching and Erick’s social work
  • 8:45 - Erick shares about his ghostwriting experiences  
  • 13:35- Erick talks about what genres he works on as an editor & what he’s skilled at as an editor
  • 16:07 - Erick walks us through his writing process 
  • 23:20 - Erick & Vikki talk about his marketing strategies   
  • 28:06 - Erick shares about his involvement with the Willamette Writers 
  • 31:23 - Erick & Vikki talk about writing groups
  • 33:26 - Erick shares his inspiration 
  • 37:40 - Erick reads from The Mask of Tomorrow 
  • 50:00 -Erick shares what is coming up for him in the next year & tips for aspiring authors


Connect with Erick W. Metz:

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Erick’s Editing & Ghostwriting website:


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20Booksto50K on Facebook:


Willamette Writers:


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