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Episode 7: Trisha Harley McCarthy: Romance

May 7, 2018

Episode 7: Trisha Harley McCarthy: Romance 


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

 (Podcast run time 42 minutes: Adult Content)


1:15 - Introduction to Trisha Harley McCarthy

3:19- Trisha talks about her start by writing Fan Fiction

4:37 - Trisha shares the moment she knew she was an author

6:30 - Trisha shares her title

9:25 - Vikki & Trisha discuss her publishing journey

10:52- Vikki & Trish talk about her cover designs 

12:52 - Trisha discusses agents and personal assistants

14:50 - Trisha shares her marketing model 

16:54 - Vikki & Trisha talk about Trisha’s community support & mentoring 

19:38 - Trisha shares her insights about editor’s for hire

20:35 - Trisha reveals what inspires her to keep writing

21:38 - Trisha shares what is in her future

23:14 - Trish reads from Accidentally Love



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Artist: Kevin MacLead

Title: Backbay Lounge

Album: Teh Jazzes, 2017




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