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Episode 69: Mystery Author, Kathleen Valenti.

September 9, 2019

Episode 69: Mystery Author, Kathleen Valenti.


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

(Podcast run time 41 min.)


  • :33 - Introduction to Kathleen.
  • 1:27- Kathleen shares her writing background.
  • 7:36-  Kathleen talks about what she is reading.
  • 10:00 - Kathleen shares her genre & titles.
  • 11:30- Kathleen talks about her writing processing.
  • 14:24 - Kathleen shares about her publishing journey.
  • 16:55 - Kathleen gives a tip for finding an agent.
  • 19:49 - Kathleen talks about support groups.
  • 23:00 - Kathleen reads from As Directed.
  • 39: 47 - Kathleen shares a tip to close out the podcast.


Connect with Kathleen:


Kathleen’s website:


Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:


Query Tracker:


Sister’s in Crime:


Mystery Writers of America:


International Thriller Writers:


Chicks on the Case Blog:


Mysteristas Blog:



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