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Episode 57: Part 1 of The Writer’s Crucible with Philip Kenney

June 10, 2019

Episode 57: Part 1 of The Writer’s Crucible with Philip Kenney


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

(Podcast run time 51:10 min)

  • 1:30 - Reintroduction to Philip Kenny 
  • 2:45 - Vikki jumps into the discussion with Philip about the concepts introduced in the Writer’s Crucible 
  • 4:32 -  Philip discusses the “not good enough” mindset
  • 19:15 - Vikki & Philip discuss meditation
  • 26:44 - Philip shares a poem to help Vikki with some of the concepts they are discussing
  • 32:13 - Philip and Vikki talk about the moment that writing changed them
  • 34:11 - Philip shares his favorite line from his book
  • 34:50 - Vikki explores the concept from the first two parts of Philip’s book
  • 37:21 - Philip and Vikki discuss being too serious within the “self project”
  • 42:20 - Vikki previews Part 2 of the Writer’s Crucible discussion in episode 
  • 42:55 - Philip gives advice about the “self project”
  • 47:46 - Philip shares about his speaking engagements


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