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Episode 5: Rae Rankin: Children’s Book Author

April 23, 2018


Episode 5: Rae Rankin: Children’s Book Author


In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

 (Podcast run time 25 minutes)


  • 1:04 - Introduction to Rae Rankin-  Children’s Book Author
  • 2:05 - Rae shares the titles she has written
  • 3:01 - Rae & Vikki talk about Rae’s self-publishing journey
  • 8:25 - Vikki & Rae discuss the question about having an agent
  • 9:45 - Rae shares her tips for marketing & cover design 
  • 12:31 - Rae talks about networking & support groups
  • 14:27- Rae shares what inspires her
  • 17: 16 - Rae shares what is planned for her future work
  • 19:24 - Rae reads from her book, Cowgirl Lessons



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Artist: Kevin MacLead

Title: Backbay Lounge

Album: Teh Jazzes, 2017




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